Why is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

An A/C that’s not cooling your home is a huge issue.

Besides, that’s its one job.

When your AC does not execute as it should, it’s irritating, time-consuming, as well as very warm.

There are a number of reasons your air conditioner might be falling short to execute. We’re going to go through each one– and just how best to fix it.

1. Your Thermostat Isn’t Complying
Your first stop is your thermostat.

You ought to ensure that your thermostat is not just set to ‘ON’ yet that it is set to ‘COOL’. Test that it’s working by establishing the thermostat numerous degrees cooler than the specified temperature. You intend to really feel that chill!

If you can hear the ac system running, however minutes later on still do not feel any awesome air coming via the vents, there could be something wrong with your thermostat and also its electrical wiring. Dealing with that problem is ideal left to a professional.

2. A Breaker Has Actually Been Stumbled
 This suggestion is just for those homeowners whose ac system are not going for all.

Your Air Conditioning runs on electrical power. No electricity mosting likely to your a/c unit suggests no cool air making your home a summer season heaven.

It’s time to take a trip to the location of your breaker panel, as well as do a check. The breakers for your a/c need to be plainly classified. Flip them off and on again, and also see if this makes a distinction.

3. Your Air Filter is Obstructed
Next stop: the air filter.

Just because your air filter is located in your furnace’s blower doesn’t mean it isn’t used by your air conditioner. Your furnace’s air handler is what pushes the cooled air through the filter, through your ductwork, and into your home.

Therefore, if your air filter ends up being stopped up with dust as well as particles, it’ll act a whole lot like a cork in a bottle: little to nothing is getting past it.

We advise checking your filter once a month, as well as transforming it at least every 3 months.

Air filters can be discovered at neighborhood equipment as well as home shops. Ensure you replace your existing filter with one that coincides size.

4. Your Outside System is Covered in Dirt and Debris
Sensing a motif below? Dirt is no buddy to an a/c unit.

Your air conditioning unit condenser is located outside your residence, and also left subjected to the elements when in use. After some time, all that wind as well as rainfall is bound to blow some dirt as well as debris right into it.

If there’s way too much dust, your condenser can not carry out the heat exchange process effectively.

There are things you can do to help with this specific problem. As an example, cleaning the landscaping around your condenser will certainly help maintain branches, bushes, and various other greenery from adding to the debris build-up. We suggest keeping concerning 46 centimetres of area clear on all sides of your condenser.

You must likewise wash your condenser regularly with water and also soap. Carefully wipe away dirt from the condenser fins, being extremely cautious that they do not break.

In the off period, ensure your condenser has a cover as well as it is protected securely.

5. Houston, We Have a Mechanical Trouble
While annual maintenance is an exceptional intend to decrease your risk of mechanical failures, they can still occur.

Whether it’s a busted follower electric motor or compressor, a mechanical issue could be the factor your AC is not cooling down properly.

If you presume a mechanical problem, you ought to call us as soon as possible.

6. The Refrigerant in Your Ac System is Dripping
Ac system utilize continuously circulating refrigerant to cool air. Typically the degree of refrigerant never transforms and your ac system is flawlessly fine.

If you spring a leak, that cooling agent degree drops– and so does the quantity of cool air you get.

Refrigerant leakages can be identified by ice build-up, hissing noises, or a recognizable decrease in cooling efficiency.

If you believe you have a cooling agent leakage, shut off your air conditioning unit and call us right away. This is a problem that must only be managed by seasoned experts.

7. Your AC Wasn’t Correctly Installed
Sadly we see this constantly with both ac system and also furnaces.

An improperly installed a/c unit just will not offer the amazing air you need in a reliable manner.

This is something you’ll observe after you obtain a new air conditioning system. We can offer you with a consultation, and also do what we can to take care of any type of prospective troubles.

8. Your Ductwork is Leaking
Any cracks or rooms in your ductwork will allow cool air seep out and also away. It’ll never ever reach you, and you’ll think your Air Conditioning is not cooling your house.

Actually, it is– just not where and also the way you desire. That’s a waste of your loan, and also is exceptionally aggravating.

We can perform a ductwork examination, diagnose the problem, and give recommendations for following actions.

9. Your Ac system is Over the Hill
There comes a day when also the very best a/c unit in the world simply gets to be as well old.

Usually after 15 years, you intend to start paying attention to just how your air conditioning system performs. If it reaches a point where you’re spend hundreds of dollars a year to maintain it going, or your Air Conditioning is not cooling your house at all, it’s time for a replacement.

The specialists at Colorado Heating And Cooling can perform an in-home appointment and stroll you via the latest models, making referrals for your house and also your demands.