Should My Air Conditioner Run All the Time?

Long story short: no.
Your a/c unit must not run all the time.

Yet …

It depends on what you indicate when you claim ‘at all times’. Often it’s typical for an AC to run extra often.

Let’s break it down.

Your Air Conditioning Unit Ought To Run More than Typical When …
It’s hotter outside. The warmer the temperature level is outside, the longer your Air Conditioner will run to obtain your house to your desired temperature level.

Longer runs times are good in these conditions:
It implies your a/c unit is working the means it should.
But also after that, you must still have the ability to hear your a/c unit shut off and also on as required.

When You Need to Be Worried
There are a few indications that all is not well in your air conditioning system.
Your air conditioning system never ever turns off. It’s actually running all the time.
Your power expenses are going through the roof, yet you aren’t running your air conditioner any differently.
The air temperature level doesn’t seem to be altering, regardless of just how low your thermostat goes.
If you’re discovering these troubles (specifically the initial one), it’s time to try to find a trouble.

What’s Triggering My A/c Unit to Run Constantly?
Numerous things can cause your ac system to run all the time.

1. Air Circulation is Blocked
Your air conditioning unit requires to be able to breathe.
If air circulation to or from your air conditioning unit is obstructed, your ac system is mosting likely to have a hard time to function. That implies it’s mosting likely to keep running.

Things that can limit air circulation to your Air Conditioner consist of:
An unclean, clogged up air filter
A poor electric motor
Ductwork leakages
Closed or blocked vents
You can test this concept by holding your hand up to an open air vent. You’ll really feel an awesome but weak stream of air.

The initial thing you ought to do is turn off your A/C as well as alter the air filter (located in your furnace). Then see to it all vents are clear of clogs.

If you’re still not observing a distinction, it’s time to call us.

2. Dirty Evaporator Coils
Cooling agent runs through the evaporator coils and absorbs the heat from the air in your home. When the evaporator coils are clean, this is a piece of cake.

But the more dust and grime accumulates on the evaporator coils, the harder it is for the cooling agent to absorb warm. All those layers develop a barrier, and your AC simply keeps running. Yet you do not obtain any type of colder.

This is something that is included in our yearly song ups, and also must be left to the pros.

3. There’s a Cooling agent Leakage
When you do not have sufficient cooling agent, your AC runs at all times trying to comprise the difference.

Cooling agent is never ever expected to run out or need covering up. The only time it’s needed? When there’s a leakage.

You’ll understand you have a leakage if there’s icy accumulation on your A/C, your residence isn’t obtaining any kind of cooler, or your Air Conditioning hisses at you.

If you do have a leakage, get it taken care of immediately.

4. Your AC is Old as well as Needs to Be Replaced
An Air Conditioning is not something that’s mosting likely to grow old with you. A lot of ac system that get annual upkeep last roughly 15 years. Afterwards, it’s time to update.

As it ages, your ac system will naturally need to function a little tougher to provide you the exact same outcomes. Yet an Air Conditioner that runs constantly, mores than one decade old, and needs regular repair work is just costing you cash.

We recommend you speak with our residence comfort specialist concerning obtaining a brand-new ac system.

5. Your Air Conditioner is the Incorrect Size
This is a bitter pill to swallow, since there’s only one method to repair it.

An a/c unit that is too small for your residence will certainly have to run continuously to maintain it cool. This indicates even more deterioration on your A/C. A lot more deterioration = extra fixings and also a much shorter life expectancy.

We’ve seen it countless times. As opposed to getting a professional home consultation, home owners are simply provided the exact same dimension air conditioning system they had previously in the latest design.

But a/c unit are obtaining more effective annually: what helped you one decade ago is not going to benefit you today.

However, the only means to completely resolve this trouble is to obtain a properly-sized ac unit, which costs a lot more cash.

If you’re due for an air conditioning unit, selecting the best installment business is the first step to avoiding this problem.

Call Us— It’s Time for a Tune Up
The most effective means to see to it your air conditioning unit is working as it should? Make a  visit.

Keep your Air Conditioner running when it needs to by reserving your consultation with us today.