Four Practical Ways To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

Getting your home air-conditioned is a big advantage, especially during hot, humid seasons. And during summer when it’s extra hot, it also means that your air conditioning unit may run non-stop and work double-time.

This is where the problem usually arises. Generally, when the temperature bumps up, the efficiency of an AC unit may drastically drop. This may cause the unit to encounter technical problems (in the long run) and may also increase your energy consumption.

However, your AC needs not to work its machinery off as hard during summertime! There are several ways to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit without increasing both your energy consumption and carbon footprints.

Ready To Maximize The Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning Unit? Here Are A Few Practical Ways To Do So!

As mentioned, you need not break the bank to get the most out of your AC. Here are five practical methods you may follow to further maximize the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner without any additional costs!

Keep Your Outdoor Condenser Unit Clean

Your air conditioning unit will generally work more efficiently if it is clean and free from any debris, and the same thing applies to its outdoor condensing unit. Keeping it clean will prevent it from working double-time which may be the cause for your energy bills to spike. Additionally, a clean condenser unit will help you maintain the peak performance of your air conditioning unit in the long run.

Keep Your Curtains Down

It is true that natural lighting may help you save in energy bills, but when a room is vacant, it’s best to just keep these curtains shut during the daytime. Doing so keeps direct sunlight from penetrating into your home which may cause the temperature to rise, making your air conditioning unit double the amount of work needed to keep the space cool.

Keep Your Units Away From Direct Sunlight

As a rule of thumb, an ideal location for the air conditioning unit is on the north side of the house as this area does not get direct sunlight. If at all possible, you may want to keep your airconditioning unit to the north side. But what if it’s not practical for you?

Worry not, there are other ways to keep your air conditioning unit from being exposed to direct sunlight. For one, surrounding your unit with shrubs, trees, and other plants may help in cooling your home more efficiently. Additionally, landscaping doesn’t only give your home more shade, it is also very pleasing to the eyes, so we’re talking about a win-win situation over here.

If Possible, Don’t Use Heat Producing Appliances During The Hottest Hours Of The Day

Having more heat circulate inside the house will signal the air conditioning unit to ramp up its performance. Not only will using (for example) your oven or dryer during the hottest hour of the day cause your AC to double its work, it will also cause warm air to be drawn into the areas of your home, adding additional heat and warmth. This isn’t very practical, especially if you are trying to maximize the efficiency of your unit.

Some appliances that you may need to shut down during the hottest time of the day include the clothes dryer, oven, and dishwasher.

​​In Summary

Keeping your home cool doesn’t necessarily call for additional bucks spent on energy bills. By following these practical ways that we shared with you, you surely can maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit nearly at no cost.

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